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Welcome to Jeanna Brown Art. Thank you for taking a look around at my online art studio. Art is a true expression of what you imagine, what you see and how it's placed on a canvas. It took me a while to be comfortable with accepting that concept. There are artists who are gifted and can create from what they feel. Then there are others who are not gifted in that area but are gifted in creating from an existing piece of work or image like a picture. 

At the end of the day each person has created something and others will either like it or not like it, right? See, it is so personal and artist are passionate people that are giving a piece of themselves each and every time something is created. We have home runs and then there are strike outs but again the art pieces are not about popularity it is about expression and interpretation. We hope you like it. Similar to going to a movie. The actors and director hope what they have created is appealing to you. Saying all of that I hope there is something that sparks your eye.

Spring Time

Remember to be aware of the Art around you.

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